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What is your plan for Wannacrypt?

What is your plan for Wannacrypt?

What is your plan for Wannacrypt?

Cyber Security

What is your cyber security plan if your organization is attacked by ransomware such as Wannacrypt? You will need to answer these questions and more:

  • How do we need to respond?
  • Who should we notify?
  • How much is this going to cost?
  • Will I get my data back?
  • Should we pay the ransom?
  • What are the laws I need to comply with?
  • What if we caused someone else to become infected?


If you can’t answer these questions, Coverage Pro can help.

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Our cyber security insurance programs can provide you with:

  • A plan
  • Expense Coverage
  • Crisis Management Teams
  • And most importantly– Peace of Mind.


Our policies typically include:

Expense Reimbursement Coverage

Expense Reimbursement Coverage provides important first-party protection for your business. Choose
from the following coverages: Security Breach Notification and Remediation Expenses, Crisis Management
Service Expenses, Business Interruption and Additional Expenses, Extortion Expenses, Computer Program and
Electronic Data Restoration Expenses, Computer Fraud, Funds Transfer Fraud and Telecommunications Theft.

Network & Information Security Liability

Network & Information Security Liability coverage protects the policyholder against claims for loss caused
by the failure to prevent unauthorized access to, or use of, data containing private information of others.
The Network & Information Security Liability coverage also protects the policyholder against claims
for loss cause by the failure to prevent the transmission of a computer virus and failure to provide access
to authorized users of the policyholder’s website or communications network.

Technology Errors & Omissions Liability

Technology Errors & Omissions Liability coverage is enterprise-wide and specifically tailored for today’s
high-tech companies. It protects the policyholder’s bottom line against damages they must pay because of
economic loss that arises out of their products or their work and is caused by an error, omission or
negligent act. Claims or suits for such damages — typically not covered under a CGL policy.

Communications & Media Liability

Communications & Media Liability coverage protects against infringement of copyright, title, slogan,
trademark, trade dress, service mark or service name in the policyholder’s covered material. The form also
covers unauthorized use of any advertising material, or any slogan or title, of others in the advertising of
the business, premises, products, services, work or completed work of others. In addition, plagiarism or
unauthorized use of a literary or artistic format, character or performance in the policyholder’s covered
material is included.

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