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Home Insurance Savings Success Story of the Week $500

Home Insurance Savings Success Story of the Week $500

Home Insurance Savings Success Story of the Week $500

Many homeowner’s insurance policies in Florida will be seeing rate increases this year for various reasons. I would like to tell you a little about what those reasons are and why having an experienced agent can lead to home insurance savings.

Home Insurance Savings Success

Many homeowners insurance companies are experiencing high volumes of claims. Claims are not only being reported more often, the average value of claims are also rising. The most common claim currently being reported is water damage. These claims costs are causing homeowners insurance companies to raise rates in Florida. However, this also creates opportunity to save on your homeowners insurance.

$500 Savings on Home Insurance

This week our savings success story is for a home built in 2006 in the Suntree Viera neighborhood. Our agent was able to increase the amount of coverage on the home by $25,000 and still save $500 off the total premium. This means they received more coverage for less money, simply because the agent was aware of companies who had affordable insurance rates in Suntree and Viera.

Experienced agents know where to look

Even though rates may have risen across the state, they may have actually gone down in your area. Hiring an agent who understands which insurance companies provide opportunities for home insurance savings is key. Simply having access to a lot of companies is not enough. Thoroughly understand the discounts each company provides for your specific home is what sets agents apart from one another.

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