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Home Insurance Secure Your Home

Home Insurance Secure Your Home

Home Insurance Secure Your Home

Home insurance can make you whole after a loss, but you should also secure your home in order to prevent one. Fire, theft, cyber crime, and more can be prevented. The infographic below will help you remember the things you should keep track of.

One way to secure your home is to make sure you know who has access to your security alarm codes, spare keys, and garage door openers. Keep a list of who you have given access to your home and ask people who should no longer be allowed in to return these items. If you have given out security alarm codes it is a good idea to change them once someone should no longer be allowed in.

Check your smoke detectors and CO2 alarms regularly. These devices will save your life. They can also prevent a small fire from turning into a catastrophe.

Keeping your wifi password protected will also help to secure your home. Change your password periodically and make sure no unauthorized users are accessing your network.

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